First Kazakhstan nanosatellite

 The main objective of the project is the scientific and educational component, the formation of a scientific school on the creation of small spacecraft and the corresponding ground infrastructure, the training for the country of highly qualified specialists in the field of space technology.

About project

The launch was successfully implemented on December 4 at 00 h. 32 min. according to the time of Astana from the cosmodrome in the state of California (USA) from the airborne base Vandenberg on the Falcon 9 rocket carrier. Nanosatellite is operating normally.       Nanosatellite “Al-Farabi-2” combines the best innovative technologies, the main components and components of the device are protected by Kazakhstan patents. It is designed to solve original scientific, technological and educational problems, as well as allow for the testing of electronic components of an on-board computer developed by KazNU scientists for small spacecrafts. The results of research and experiments are valuable and relevant for the aerospace industry of Kazakhstan and foreign partners of the university.

“The launch of Kazakhstan’s nanosatellite into open space on the eve of Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan marks another important stage in the history of Kazakhstan’s science and satellite engineering. This is the second nanosatellite KazNU launched into space. The first "Al-Farabi-1" was successfully launched into space on February 15, 2017 from the cosmodrome them. Satish Dhavana in India. It was named in honor of the outstanding scholar of the Turkic world, Al-Farabi, whose name is worthy of our university, ”said project leader academician Galym Mutanov.       A large-scale project to create a national scientific school in the field of space technology, design, assembly and launch of nanosatellites, training highly qualified specialists in this field has been implemented at KazNU since 2013 within the framework of the international consortium UNIFORM.       KazNU them. Al-Farabi conducts purposeful work on the implementation of the tasks set by the Head of State in the Message to the People of Kazakhstan "New development opportunities in the fourth industrial revolution" for the entry of Kazakhstan into the "digital era". The creation of new high-tech technologies and technical means, including in the space sphere, are priority directions in the activities of the university.



  • Мутанов Г.М. - д.т.н, Академик. Ректор КазНУ

  • Темирбаев А. - PhD. Директор технопарка

  • Туенбаев О.К. - Технический директор проекта


  • Мейрамбекулы Н. - Докторант. Инженер программист
  • Узбеков Н. - Магистр. Инженер программист
  • Орынбасар С. - Магистрант. Инженер программист
  • Ханиев Б. - Докторант. Инженер программист
  • Шыназарова Т. - менеджер по проектам
  • Кенжебаев Н.Б. - Докторант. Программист