Satellite control software - Alfasat

Brief description

The ALFASAT program consists of three main functions: tracking a satellite via TLE (Two Line Interface), receiving and transmitting commands to an aircraft using a TNC (Terminal Node Controller) and changing ICOM parameters (frequencies, transmission modes, Doppler effect). ALFASAT allows you to automatically download and update TLE satellites from the NORAD database. TLE update period of thirty days. In the control panel, you can change the parameters of the map and the satellite, i.e. the color of the map, the terminator, the track and the satellite coverage area, and there is also a function to display the satellite in three-dimensional form. The locations of ground stations are also added from the database and all cities and towns of the Republic of Kazakhstan are included there. The program uses the open library SGP4 to calculate satellite trajectories. SGP4 is a mathematical model used to calculate satellite orbital parameters in a geocentric coordinate system.

Application area

Space technology. Satellite connection. Astronomy. Satellite tracking system.


Tracking and installation of radio communications with satellites.


  • Visual observation, two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation of a satellite’s flight
  • Update TLE data via the Internet
  • Antenna rotor control
  • TNC connectivity for command transmission
  • Satellite testing using CAN bus
  • Control of the ICOM radio station

Tle (Two Line Element Set)

Al-Farabi 1

1 42016U 17008BW 19045.65480810 .00001409 00000-0 59144-4 0 9991

2 42016 97.4191 113.9522 0004920 237.7344 122.3418 15.25112219110994

Al-Farabi 2

1 43805U 18099AZ 19045.76469610 .00000325 00000-0 34753-4 0 9991

2 43805 97.7563 119.1721 0015937 28.1240 332.0838 14.95210096 10918




Alfasat v1.3
Alfasat v1.2
Alfasat v1.1